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Quality management systems according to EN ISO 9000 ff require a periodical monitoring of the test instrumentation in use regarding accuracy and reproducability.

To do this in an economic way the use of calibration equipment on-site is necessary.

The LEAK CALIBRATOR 3925-0202 is a portable, battery-operated hand-held unit. The combination of a flow meter for small air flow and a precision needle valve makes it universally applicable.



Features of the Leak Calibrator:

  • portable instrument
  • LCD
  • easy to operate
  • result in Nml/min
  • high accuracy
  • bi-directonal operation
  • two-stage switchable attenuation
  • zeroing and taring atr a push of a button
  • short reaction time
  • low loss of pressure
  • applicable up to 10 bar system pressure
  • traceable to national and international standards
  • supplied with manufacturer's certificate

Operating principle

The leak calibrator is connected to the optional leak simulation port at the front of the 3925-0060 or by a T-connector in line between the leak tester and the test part.
The leakage is adjusted by an integrated needle valve (model 3925-0202). On the display the current leakage is shown in ml/min.

During the test the gas (air) flows through the needle valve and the flow sensor into the atmosphere.
Differences in atmospheric pressure are automatically compensated by the leak calibrator.




The traceability to national and international standards is guaranteed. The leak calibrator comes together with a manufacturer's certificate. It can/should be checked and recertified regularly.

Technical data


Measuring range:


0 ... 20 Nml/min
other ranges on request:
0 ... 200 Nml/min
0 ... 2000 Nml/min

Accuracy:   Sub-range 0 ... 10% <+/-2%
Sub-range 10 ... 100% <+/-1.50 %
of full scale respectively
Display:   LCD
Response time:   approx. 20 msec.
Max. Pressure:   10.0 bar
Flow rate:   max. 1 L/min
Calibration reference:   DIN 1343 - 23K (0°C) - 1013 mbar abs or
DIN 102 (ISO 1-1975; DIN 6358 / ISO 8778: ISO 2533)
Medium:   Compressed air, dry, oil-free and filtered
Ambient temperature:   0 ... 50°C
Medium temperature:   0 ... 70°C
Connection port:   M5 internal thread or
for tube 2x1 mm
Dimensions:   185 x 85 x 37 mm (HxWxD)
Power supply:   2x 1.5 V battery (IEC 6LF)
or rechargeable battery
connector for external power supply
Recorder output:   linear 0 ... 2 V (1mV/digit)
4 mm digital socket
Material:   ABS, antistatic
Weight:   Approx. 500 g
Colour:   black
Order-No.:   Leak Calibrator 3925-0201 / 3925-0202
    Specifications and technical data are subject to change without notice



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