What is meant by leak test?

The leak test or the leak detection, is usually referred to as leakage test   and is a non-destructive test method for testing the tightness of specimens. Some of the test methods can also be used for leak detection. Since there are absolutely dense components, the leak rate is usually measured. This is given in different units of measure.


The test media are liquids and gases, most commonly conventional air, helium or water. The high pressure leak test uses hydraulic methods that use oil or water. For particularly small leaks, test gases such as helium or hydrogen are often used. The criteria for selecting the appropriate test methods are described in DIN EN 1779, and the standard also divides the various test methods according to their sensitivity.



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Methods of leak testing

Often a gross leak check is performed on new specimens at the beginning. This ensures that a precise test is worthwhile and the sensitive measuring technology is not endangered by excessive leakage. Subsequently, the so-called fine leak test is performed.


The different test methods:


  • Underwater Test
  • Pressure measurement
  • Flow Measurement
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Test
  • Ionization Test
  • Halogen Sniffer test
  • Mass spectrometer test
  • Radioactivity Tes





The application of leak tests

Leak testing plays an important role for the industry, because many components and systems require a certain degree of tightness. Through a leak test, machining and material defects of components can be recognized early on, which prevents further processing. Furthermore, installation errors of systems and systems can be determined to prevent later entry or exit of unwanted substances. With an additional leak detector, it is also possible to localize the leaks at the affected component or plant in order to be able to better analyze and correct the fault.


Leak tests are used in many manufacturing sectors, important users include the automotive industry, gas and medical technology, foundries and hydraulic and pneumatic manufacturers. Thanks to a large number of technical test devices with a wide variety of leak testing methods  , the leak test can today be integrated into almost every manufacturing process. Many companies already use fully automated leak detection systems   in their production lines, which only require manual calibration and maintenance.


More information about leak tests and leak testers   can be found in our subject area for leak testing.




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