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HeMaTech Prüftechnik is known for robust, durable leak testers with high accuracy. Users worldwide trust on the reliability and service of HeMaTech Prüftechnik. Leak testers are used for leak testing in industrial applications. Whether in the laboratory or in the production of series parts, our testing devices can be used in a wide variety of applications. Customers from a wide range of industries use our leak testers, including the automotive industry, medical technology and electronics manufacturing.


The test equipment

Dichtheitsprüfgerät 70pro

Leak tester 70pro

The 70pro is the right choice when a robust and durable leak tester is called for. It is characterised by a high measuring accuracy and a reliability that can hardly be beaten.

The 70pro can be individually adapted to your testing task with a variety of options.




Dichtheitsprüfgerät 75Eco

Leak tester 75eco

The 75eco is the compact partner when a reliable, cost-effective leak tester is required. It has good measuring accuracy and fits many standard applications. The 75eco offers HeMaTech quality at an affordable price.






Dichtheitsprüfgerät 71rel

Leak tester 71rel


The relative pressure method offers fast results at an attractive instrument price. The test setup is simpler than with differential pressure instruments. The measurement with the relative pressure method is not as sensitive, but covers a larger measuring range. This makes it ideal for checking components with a larger permissible leakage.


Videos of interest

Operating a leak tester

There are several options to operate a HeMaTechleak tester. They are briefly presented in the video.

Perform a measurement

A measurement with a leak tester from HeMaTech can be done quick and easy.


Setting up test programs

Setting up a test program is straightforward. You can have a quick look at here.

Information on leak testing

Interesting information on topics related to leak testing can be found under the following links.

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