The Leak Tester

Leak testers are measuring instruments to proof the tightness of a device under test. There are leak testers that are also suitable for leak detection.


Due to the high performance and quality standards, continuous leak tests are indispensable in production processes. Many components require a certain degree of tightness, which companies have to guarantee. Leak testers are therefore used in many industries, the most important industries include u.a. the automotive, gas and pharmaceutical industries.



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Measurement techniques of leak testers

In leak testing, there are various methods that have different advantages and disadvantages. For each application, therefore, it must be decided individually which test technique is best suited for the leak test  . The most common methods include underwater testing, pressure measurement and flow measurement. You can find out more about the different techniques on our Leak Testing section.



Due to the different methods and applications, there are many different types of leak testers. In addition to the actual functional principle, a distinction is also made between how a leak test device is integrated into the manufacturing process. While manual leak testers still need to be manually filled and operated by an employee, fully automatic leak testing devices are fully integrated into the manufacturing process and no longer require any manual intervention in the test process.





Maintenance of leak testers

In order to be able to offer consistently high quality, all leak testers must be regularly checked and calibrated - the time intervals depend on the measuring technology and the application. For the actual testing of the devices, test leaks   are used which simulate a defined leak in order to be able to test the leak test device for its functionality. Depending on the deviation, it is also necessary to calibrate the test instrument, using a so-called leak calibrator  .


Leak calibrator - Our Leak calibrator for leak testers
Test leak to simulate leaks

As most leak testers today are digital leak testers, they also bring with them all the modern benefits. Thanks to extensive internal memory and various interfaces, the test results can be easily read out today and analyzed using comprehensive software. This helps to identify errors more quickly and easily within manufacturing processes, thereby avoiding a larger rejection of defective components.




Differential pressure

Differential pressure leak testers

Many leak testers work according to the differential pressure method. This method offers high measuring accuracy, short test times and can also be easily integrated into automated leak testing systems  . The test medium is usually ordinary compressed air, whereby only low maintenance costs incurred and the test procedure runs pollution-free. Air also has a low viscosity, which means that even small leaks can be measured. Differential pressure leak testers therefore also comply with the quality standard ISO 9000 ff and are suitable for many applications and industries. The disadvantage, however, is the lack of leak detection, which is not possible without a further measurement method.


On our topic page you will learn more about the differential pressure test   and our differential pressure leak tester.


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