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Test leak

Leak testing requires a high Level of accuracy and repeatability. Therfore leak testers have to be checked regularly. To apply this quality assurance in an economic way an on-site test is indispensable. Using the HeMatech test leaks the cyclical testing of the instruments becomes as easy as pie. Our test leaks can be uses instantly together with a part under test, offer various connecting options and offer high accuracy. The rugged, rustproof housing and the filter at the air entry to prevent contamination provide for long-lastingness.


Additionally we offer the Leak calibrator 3925-0202. This Instrument is a mobile handheld unit for regular checks of the calibration right at your leak testing device.



Advantages of our test leaks

  • Freely selectable leakage rate from below 0.1 mL/min to more than 20 L/min
  • Pressure range -0.95 bar to more than über 30 bar
  • Deviation from nominal value: ±5%
  • Available for various testing gases
  • High precision and reliability
  • Custom-made models available
  • Mounting to master piece possible
  • Rugged
  • Traceable to national and international Standards
  • Calibratrion certifikat included
  • Storage box included


Using a test leak

A test leak is used to check leak testers for operability and accuracy. To do so the test leak is used in cyclical intervals together with a tight master piece. Such a test can be carried out at any time or at any opportunity -  for example when changing the tools, in case of extraordinary occurances or at the start of a shift etc.


The test leak simulates a defined leakage by allowing a determined flow at a determined pressure. It is used to check a leak testing Instrument or a whole testing System.
On the other hand it is used as an adjustment tool to find the correct test Parameters.
In this case the use of a test leak is comparable to a gauge block for dimensional measurements.


If the reading of the leak tester differs to much from the acceptable leakage definde by the test leak the accuracy of the Instrument is no longer ensured.


Using the test leak

The test leak is connected parallel with a tight master piece to a leak tester. This can be done very easily using the (optional) leak connector at the front of HeMaTech leak testers. A defined leakage is simulated which the leak testing System has to detect. A leak testing system can be checked quickly and at any time.


Traceability of test leaks

The traceabiltiy of our test leaks to national and international Standards is ensured.


The test leak is supplied with a calibration certificate. On request a certification according to DAkkS is available.


A test leak can be checked, calibrated and certified regularly in accordance with the requirements of a qualitiy management system.


Technical Data

Material:   Glass capillary in a brass housing (stainless steel on requests)
Outer diameter:   13 mm
Connection:   Thread G 1/8“
Accuracy:   ±5% of nominal value
Testing medium:   Air (other media/gases on request)
Misc.:   Built-in filter to avoid contaminations
    Stäubli RBE 03 plug on request
    Complete with plastic case (85 x 145 x 32 mm)



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