Determining the volume: a simple example

The volume of an irregularly shaped object such as a stone is difficult to calculate. Remedy gives a method that Archimedes discovered over 2000 years ago. Theoretically only a measuring cup is needed with a defined amount of water at the beginning. By lowering the stone in the water, the water level in the measuring cup now increases, this increase corresponds to the volume of the stone. Since the volume on measuring cups is usually specified in milliliters, the measured value now only has to be converted into cubic centimeters. This procedure is probably the oldest volume test in the world. At the end of the day this method compares the volume of the stone with a master volume (the water). The industrial volume test is based exactly on this simple principle, which is why only a fixed volume is needed for comparison. For accurate measurements, however, the temperature and pressure must also be taken into account.




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Quality inspection

Qualitäty inspection by volume testing

By means of the volume test, test items are checked for material and processing errors during production or fill quantities in containers of various kinds (from the ballpoint pen refill to the gear block) are checked in order to prevent faulty components at an early stage. Due to the ever increasing demands of industry, volume testing plays an important role in quality assurance.




Differential pressure method

Volume test operating to the differential pressure method

The volume test according to the differential pressure method is a non-destructive material test with compressed air. This is also pollution-free and the maintenance costs are relatively low. Nevertheless, the method offers a high measurement accuracy, which is why volume testers are often used according to the differential pressure method.




Volume tester

Differential pressure volume testers

Volume testers according to the differential pressure method determine the volume difference between the test specimen and a master volume within a given measuring time. The transmitter used is a differential pressure transducer.Two internal volumes are filled with pressure and then shut off. Shortly before the measurement phase, master and test specimen volumes are filled from the preloaded volume. If the master and test volumes are the same size, no differential pressure is established. Differences between the two volumes produce a measurable pressure differenceThe gas law is used, according to which the product of pressure and volume is constant. This means that for the same amount of gas, the pressure decreases as the volume increases.


Volume testers are easy to integrate into the automated manufacturing process and still provide high accuracy with short cycle times.


You can find more about the differential pressure method on our topic page on differential pressure testing, which is also used in leakage tests with leak testers.



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